Heritage Memoirs - Memoir-writing service Cobourg Ontario Canada
Heritage Memoirs - Memoir-writing service Cobourg Ontario Canada


"I did this because my kids and grandkids might know most of my story, but the great-grandkids probably won't be able to hear it from me. I'm really happy it's all there in the book now. I'm amazed at how much I remembered. You did a great job. You're very easy to work with."
Frank Polzler, Chairman and Co-founder, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic, RE/MAX Europe and Integra Group

"Jennifer, you are a credit to your profession. Thank you for your special interest in this project, and the additional effort to make this book a resounding triumph. 'The happiest chapters of life are written with the people we love most' comes through loud and clear in your writing."
Marianne Thompson, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic

"Jennifer, we are so pleased with Running From Failure. Thank you for your excellent work. We're recommending you to our friends."
Alvin R. "Pete" Carpenter, Former Vice-Chairman of CSX Corp

Changing Looks - Changing Lives is the lively, heartfelt (and very funny) memoir of the incomparable Eleanor Fulcher, the founder of the Eleanor Fulcher Modelling School and Agency. Eleanor was kind enough to include this acknowledgement in her book: "A special thanks to Jennifer Campbell of Heritage Memoirs, whose endless patience during this two-year project has been critical to its completion. Would you believe about 20 manuscript revisions plus trying to organize hundreds of photos, many dog-eared and without names or dates? She's been amazing."
Eleanor Fulcher, Founder of the Eleanor Fulcher Modelling School and Agency

"You amaze me anew. I don't know what I was expecting...the raw transcription seemed very odd to me, especially since I didn't realize that Mom finished so few sentences and the bare transcription didn't sound like her at all! Then I read your version of same and discovered that you captured Mom and returned her to the story. Brilliant."
Kathleen E., Toronto, ON
Kathleen's sister Patricia comments:
"Great job, Jennifer! I am delighted we went with a professional writer because it sounds so much like Mom and Dad but it is also very readable. I experienced that odd feeling I get when I finish a really good book, like I am swimming up from deep water into my real life and feeling sad that I am leaving dear friends behind. But this time, the book and the people ARE my real life, and wow, does that feel great! I liked the last sections where Mom and Dad speak interactively and kibitz; so very realistic. Thank you for this amazing gift of history, and an important family life story."
Patricia H., Toronto, ON
Read about the project I completed for Kathleen and her four sisters in the Toronto Star.
"When I think of how I just talked about my memories and history and thoughts and beliefs, and to see it all transformed into a book like this, I think you must be some sort of miracle worker."
Reg P., Cambridge, ON
Reg is a highly successful businessman who built a chain of nursing homes and who now runs a charitable foundation that donates millions of dollars to worthy organizations around the world.
"The books look fantastic. We are thrilled with everything. Thank you!"
Gwen S., Toronto ON
Gwen and her six siblings wanted to know the life story of their 96-year-old mother, Ruth.
"This has been quite an experience. The children have asked me why don't I write some stuff down and I say, I'll get to it, but never have and probably never would have. It's such a massive pile of facts and memories and everything, I never knew where to start. You really need the help of someone like you that asks questions, some of which are esoteric, but they make you think, and then you take another step and you think about something else. It's a wonderful way to talk about your life and it never would have been done if we hadn't had this experience. Thank you very much. Great job."
Robert J., Jacksonville, FL
Bob was one of the most successful executives in American advertising history and is now one of Florida's most generous and active philanthropists.
"Thank you so much. I just wish we hadn't waited so long. I tell everybody about your services and encourage them to get the stories before it's too late."
Shelley M., Uxbridge, ON

"I figured I would tell about my life while I'm still here and not make my friends and family wait for the wake!"
John G., Milton, ON
John is a financial investment advisor who believes in planning ahead. His quote says it all!
"I'm enjoying this. I haven't spoken about these things in years, if ever, and it feels good. Thank you so much. This has helped me."
Shirley L., Mississauga, ON
Shirley was experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease but after spending ten hours with me she now has her life story documented for herself and her family.
"I didn't think I had anything to say, but you drew it out of me. I started doing this for my family but I have enjoyed it so much, I think it was more for me."
Reverend Alan B., Siloam, ON

"Thank you for your magnificent work. I don't know how you made sense of it all, but you did!"
Marie-Christine G., Kingston, ON

"This is really a dream come true for me. I want my grandkids to know what it was like growing up on a farm in those days. Thank you for your fine work."
Doug W., Keswick, ON, author of Coal Oil Lamps and Horses

"We love our book! Jennifer has a unique skill and such a warm style. She knew just the right questions to ask because she had a sense of what was important to us. The way she pulled everything together was marvellous."
Fred and Patricia Eyman
Heritage Memoirs - Memoir-writing service Cobourg Ontario Canada